Ivan Williams

Founder, Principal Solicitor & Notary Public

Ivan Williams is the principal solicitor and founder of Williams Solicitors LLP.

He is one of Ireland’s foremost immigration law practitioners with particular experience in the area of corporate immigration. He is the lawyer of choice for many high net worth individuals from outside the EU seeking residency and citizenship in Ireland. His clients range from multinational corporations to individuals and their families.

Many of Ivan’s clients are referred to him by other law firms throughout Ireland given the specialised nature of corporate and pro-active immigration law. He regularly advises embassies and consulates and acts as legal counsel for several non-EU business associations and societies.

Ivan is in almost daily contact with the Department of Justice and Equality and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation regarding an array of applications on behalf of non-EU clients and their employers.

Ivan is also an experienced litigator in the District, Circuit, High, Commercial and Supreme Courts, and the Court of Appeal and is responsible for the litigation and higher-level family law matters in the firm.

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